Eastern Star, Rayong, Thailand.

Well what can I say, I arrived in Thailand late Wednesday evening and I’ve turned up to play Eastern Star on Friday morning a bit blurry as I couldn’t handle the excitement of being in the land of smiles and ended out on the razz far too late last night.  But as we sat down at The Haven Hotel (this is where you can find a great group of chaps to socialise with in your golfing trip, I’ll explain more later) I got stuck into one of The Havens English breakfasts and had a cup of tea and we had about a 45 minute journey to the course, I started feeling a little better.

As we entered the gates of Eastern Star the usual greetings of the security guards were a miss as the chap seemed to be fast asleep to the amusement of us all, We drove up the drive and you are presented with quite a magnificent clubhouse (most course clubhouses are amazing from my experiences in Thailand). We paid got sorted had a little putt and got cracking. I was slightly nervous but loving being here, the skies were looking precarious though. We got started and as we walked down the beautiful second fairway the skies opened we finished the hole and hid under a hut for an hour with our caddies and watched as the thunder and lightning exploded into action. We were soaked but after the hour we proceeded onto the lovely 3rd par 3 and began our journey towards the ninth, slowly drying off. The course was wet and we got no run whatsoever but it was gorgeous, the rough was cut and the greens were slow which ended up helping me as I could continue from the slow greens in England and just bang them. Finishing with 32 points I was chuffed and ready for another night on the razzle.

The highlights of the course for me was the 8th par 5 which has an extraordinary sitting tall tree on the fairway (I even managed to hit the bleeding thing), the 13th par 3 was immaculate looking, the home run 18th is a little beauty of a par 4 and as I said before the clubhouse really does make you feel special.

The beautifully constructed difficult par 3 13th.IMG_4032

Lovely 9th hole par 4, bunkers around the green but a nice inviting fairway.IMG_4028

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