Bangkok Golf Club, Pattum Thani, Thailand

So my adventures in Chon buri/Rayong were over for now and what a great 18 days I had. All a man of my addiction to golf could dream of, great playing partners (well 99% of them), great courses (also 99% of them), great weather most of the time and this was supposed to be the wet season and great beer. The haven had done me proud again at making the golf courses around that particular area so accessible with the least amount of hassle, and also a new friend in Colin who had also made my round with his group so enjoyable. Next was the prospect of meeting up with some guys from a club called the Londoners in Bangkok. I’d previously e-mailed Ray Bloom the captain after I found his very professional outfit on Facebook, oh the wonders of social media. I’d arranged to meet him at his condo in Udom Suk, luckily my hotel was only a couple of kilometers away so it was kind of easy, and the very kind gentleman took me in his own car to Bangkok Golf Club, around a 45 minute drive from Udom Suk.

Bangkok Golf Club looked like a scene from the Beirut of the past as we drove down the entrance road. To the right was an horrific looking building that was apparently being renovated into a new modern hotel but for know it didn’t look at all inviting. The clubhouse albeit was in good order, it was beautifully constructed and we went through the routine of sorting our gear out, having a lovely cup of coffee and proceeding onto the apparent fast putting green, but as this place had seen a fair bit of rain lately they had slowed up a little.

As we tee’d off I was joined by the club captain Ray, and two other great blokes, Stuart I can only describe as this full of life, full of stories gentleman from South Africa and a more kind of gentlemanly quiet Englishman called Barry, but yet again couldn’t have asked for more in terms of playing pals.

The first tee was a hit over water but what wasn’t apparent to me is this was usually not a hit over water and it had just flooded severely, the fairway doglegged round to the right for a fairly straight forward par 4. Now from being involved in some beautifully scenic courses in and around Pattaya I knew from the drive this was going to be your bog standard inner city course and it was just like that. I was never inspired at all by any amount of beauty on this course even the fairways looked quite drab, I was only ever inspired by my playing partners who were a wonderful bunch. In all honesty the front 9 past me by without having any breathtaking holes in my head, In all honesty I didn’t even feel the need to take a photo until the par 3 island green and in again all honesty I can’t remember what hole it was. The back 9 was the better of the two halves and the par 4 13th was the highlight of the course, but I have to say if I don’t play this course again I wouldn’t be too bothered. Like all golf addicts, I was loving the fact I was playing nice sociable golf in the warm weather of Thailand so nevertheless the feeling was of happiness.

A pano of the view from the clubhouse, a rare one of me on the 13th and the island green (can’t remember what hole). All in all a very uninspiring course.

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