Evergreen Hills, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Well what a nice surprise this was. I had been in Nakhon Pathom for 6-7 weeks and with the only outlet of a small but delightfully quirky 9 hole course and driving range at the university near me, golf had become a bit sparse, and being a golf addict this was hurting. I openly talked about my hobby at my workplace in the hope that I would find someone else with the same interests then luckily one of the ladies I was working with told me that her son was a keen golfer and agreed to take us both to a quiet but delightful course about 70km away in the beautiful province of Kanchanaburi.

We began our journey early on Saturday morning and with the knowledge of knowing it was only 70 km away made me feel it would only be an hours drive, no this is Thailand and the roads got worse and the scenery got better, but the 2.5 hours drive was becoming a drag and my excitement was boiling over. Finally we reached the gates of Evergreen Hills and there was the obligatory 2 mile drive down the driveway to a smaller less impressive clubhouse that I was used to in the more touristic areas. I knew this was gonna be different when all the caddies were chuckling and I could her the quiet words of “ferlang, ferlang” which means westerner or white man, in our country this would be deemed a racist term but as I’m no way near the crazy politically correct way some of us westerners have become nowadays I take is as a compliment, I also took it as they don’t see many westerners here. Me and Snooker (that is his real name) got ready had a little hit on the range and decided to get going. Snooker was adamant at getting a buggy as he was a bit of a wet lettuce, so we enjoyed the game with a ride too.

The start of the course almost reminded me of parkland course’s back home with some very old trees and the grass was almost lush, I got the feeling they experienced more rainfall here in the hills of Kanchanaburi, so already I felt a little at home and the weather only topped 25c so it was just like a good summers day at Six Hills.


The opening hole of Evergreen Hills with me wondering where to aim as usual. A beautiful yet fairly simple par 5.IMG_4273

It continued to be a lovely course with great ebb and flow, never too far between green and tee, the front 9 was of fairly simplistic design but it was just what you want from a golf course, I like a course that seemed to have an age of maturity and had not been messed with too much. The par 4 6th was a beautiful par 4 with an inviting fairway and one of those hits into the green where you took the water on and the par 5 seventh was narrow and like most of the par 5’s here very normal, very straight but scenically lovely.

It wasn’t until we ventured to the back 9 where we had some lovely man made adjustments mostly very minor, but there were more doglegs notably the 12th that you tee’d off over water and approached the green to the right which was doable in 2 unless you only just make you tee shot over the water like myself. followed by your usual dogleg right par 4 13th that was only just exceeding 300 yards but we are amateurs right it’s nice to have these short par 4’s. But then we came to the 16th and the most major of man made touches but by gosh weren’t they lovely, so you walked over a bridge to the tee box that had a beautiful fountain in the lake that almost catches you to the beautifully crafted island green that you also had to walk over the bridge to get to and the scenery behind the green is to die for. It almost finishes with a bang as you approach the 17th it dog legs to the left wit a whole load of water in front of the green so you have to downsize from the driver push a ball 18-220 yards onto a fairway that sits above you to a little wedge onto the green.

This course for me was great and if I am in the area again I will play it, it reminded me of being home, it was a little bit boring in terms of course layout but it was untouched and I liked it, and to not see another western person here was actually a nice break from the norm.


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