Victory Park, NongKhai, Thailand.

This blog will be short and sweet due to the horrific experience I had here. Id come off the back of quite a bad week, firstly the agency I had been teaching for had refused to extend my visa because we only had 8 weeks left of term and they wanted me to work illegally so I basically told them to stick it, then I was in Bangkok and had to leave the country in hours so I had to get up to Laos quickly and get out of Thailand. I was pondering in Laos for a couple of days and thought Id get back to Bangkok on a 30 day tourist visa and head home. My plan was to cruise through Issan and try and play as much golf and tag along with as many hosts I could find on Facebook without my golf equipment I think this could turn out to be a bad idea but we will see how this fairs out.

So first stop was Nongkhai, fortunately I had a mate who lived in the province so decided to go and stay in his town on the Saturday and I had pre booked a round of golf for 10.00am the following morning. Stephen Foster from The White Rose in Thabo was an absolute hero, firstly he’d been very supportive in lending me some clubs and then he drove me to Victory Park a mere 30 minutes from his home. I arrived at the course to be abruptly told I couldn’t play for 3 hours because they had to look after the Korean clients. I was livid, with my little Thai knowledge and a few English obscenities thrown in I didn’t even get as much as an apology. I was pre warned about the customer service at this course from a bloke I had been drinking with the night before but this was outrageous, I mean for anyone, anywhere in the world to book a golfer and then not to keep to that time is obscene. These were £50 rounds of golf, and besides there were not many people even on the course. So basically if this blog put’s 4 people off playing this course I will be delighted anymore and I will be thrilled. Do not travel this far for a round of golf and expect a nice welcome. It was the most the worst customer service I had ever come across and I sincerely hope they lose more and more custom over the coming months and years.

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