Golf! Delight, content and frustrations.

“Get the mirror, get the mirror, the monkey has got the mirror”.

From a windy autumnal day in the midlands of England to the tropics of Thailand, I was sat in my cart when the Aussie guy shouts “get the mirror, get the mirror, the monkey has got the mirror”. The caddies laugh and proceed to hassle the monkey back for one of the young girls make up mirrors, they somehow retrieved it, the commotion was over it was time to enjoy this beautiful golf course. It was then I realised I needed to share my golfing experiences, I was on the second green of Bang Pra golf course, Chon Buri, Thailand, this time last week I was playing in a monthly medal at my beloved Six Hills Golf Course in Leicestershire, England, it was windy, autumnal, the leaves were falling, but my addiction for golf is of such a great high I couldn’t care. Here I was in completely different surrounding, there was a backdrop of trees on the mountain, you could see the ball drop slowly against the trees in the background, my mind was warped with what had just happened with the monkey’s, the scenery was unreal, the greens were fast I was in my heaven.

In the U.S alone 9.6% of the population participate in this wonderful sport, age ranges vary from as soon as you can walk (in some cases you don’t even need to walk) until you die, what a fascinating, frustrating, diverse and addictive sport. An exercise that is like no other, so many different angles, shots and scenes, worldwide there is believed to be 60,000,000 participants, nearly the same amount of people than in the U.K alone.

I’ve read many golf blogging site’s and what I find difficult to understand is people don’t want to read about somebody else’s 70-120 shots per round, it’s hard enough having to listen to those people, so I will keep my blogs short simple and very realistic, I know you’re not gonna want to hear about my duffs, shanks, birdies or triple bogeys but what I want to try to do is keep you interested in our love for travel and golf, I will not try to critique courses too much also as I don’t have a desire to put people off going to courses as I am sure you are all in the same boat as me and as long as you have a club in your hand you are happy.

Over the next coming months and years I would like to share my past and present experiences, with pictures, humours and added frustrations of the games, playing partners and course conditions, and if you really enjoy my personality (although my writing skills are not 100%), I could hopefully give you an insight into my love for travel, diverse cultures, numerous experiences of apres-golf and those of you who also blog about golf experiences it would be a pleasure to hear your experiences too.IMG_4057