Ubolratana Dam Golf Course, Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Well coming off the back of a great experience of playing at Dancoon Golf Club, golfing around the Khon Kaen area just got even better when I was introduced to the lovely Ubolratana Dam Golf Course. Again meeting some great guys here in Khon Kaen Province a friend of a friend called Trevor Edge had arranged for a guy called Sam to pick me up for a round of golf about 50km north west of Khon Kaen. Funnily enough as coincidences happen Sam picked me up and we had already met playing golf in Pattaya a mere 525km away and as it went on Sam became a good friend and we had arranged to play Dancoon, Singha Park, Si Borirak and Ubolratana together. Sam another great down to earth guy from Carlisle was reaping the weather and cultural benefits of becoming an expat here in Khon Kaen proceeded to tell me that he played every Monday, Wednesday and Friday switching between the 4 best courses up here in Khon Kaen (oh what a life). The drive from Khon Kaen city to Ubolratana Dam GC is about 45 minutes but if you want to add 20 minutes on your drive through Nam Phong National Park and along the side of the waters of Ubolratana then it’s definitely worth it, Sam being the gent he was took me this way and it was awesome, some of the best views I have come across here in Issan so far.

After arriving at the course to a more down to earth setting than that of the courses in the more touristic parts we got changed and proceeded to get on with the game. Fortunately I was lucky enough to be grouped with Trevor Edge, Trevor Sherman (the bloody nice Aussie guy from Pattaya who was up here visiting Trevor Edge)  and Sam. What a fourball, full of Thai stories and what was to be a completely relaxing round of golf. The first hole was a picture of beauty with the morning dew rising and two absolutely cracking big trees on the fairway and with the sun rising from behind the green on this particularly hole it was a picture of complete serenity. The hole itself was a really tough opening par 5 with water before the green so no chance of being close with the addition of the two trees on the fairway made it even more difficult.

The beautiful looking opening tee shot with the early morning dew.


The rest of the course did not disappoint, with no two similar holes and so much more beautiful than Dancoon but with the beauty became the difficulty, as a big hitter I couldn’t get away with the wayward shot, anywhere of line meant you were in a hard place or behind tree life therefore a few times I became unstuck. To add to the beauty of this course there was also a lovely positioned Buddha statue in the hills that always cast an eye down on you.

Although again I must apologise for my awful photography you can understand the feeling you get with this beautiful looking Buddha watching your game.


The front 9 slightly easier than the back followed up with a slightly simple hole 2 par 4 with a dog leg right hitting the second over the water onto a slightly raised green and then followed up by a 170 yard par 3. The highlight of the front 9 is the 6th par 3 although not difficult this is where you get the best view of the Buddha and adds to the tension as you try to hit your drive straight, and a good straight drive should leave you with a fairly simple 100 yard chip in.

The back 9 therefore starts with quite a simple dogleg left par 4 and like the caddies here they are very keen on just pulling the driver out for you on every hole and this is where I came unstuck flying the ball straight through the dogleg to leave me a difficult chip out of the rough to get near the green. Then comes your signature par 3 on the 14th although this course doesn’t posses the island green it does posses this par 3 with plenty of water in front of a very tricky uphill green. Once completing the par 3 14th you then have arguably one of the toughest finishes in golf I have come across here in Thailand, luckily I can hit a reasonable drive therefore getting the length needed on the long par 5 15th but most guys aim to get there in 4, similarly the 16th is a good par 5 although slightly shorter than that of the 15th, the 17th again a nice par 4 with water in front of the green, by this time the caddy was understanding I can hit quite big and sensibly made me play my hybrid to leave me a nice 100 yards into a difficult green. The 18th then becomes the hardest hole on the course it’s a long straight narrow fairway some guys happy to be on in 3 but the difficulty comes on the green with slopes that make you hate golf especially as by time you’ve reached this green the sun has baked it to its quickest, on in two I made a 6 hahah that’s golf for you.

The 14th par 3, 17th par 4 and another from the approach shot of the second.

Dancoon Golf Club, Khon Kaen, Thailand.

At last a blog worth writing, a course worth playing and a completely relaxing day worth remembering. My progress through Issan had been a bit dismal to say the least, I had been completely fobbed off by Victory Park, and although I was glad for the game at Sri Thani Forest in Udon it was completely underwhelming, so I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful chap called Pete Hartley, a down to earth Yorkshire-man who was the owner of two lovely resorts in Khon Kaen (ChaiSiri Resort and Sara’s Boutique Resort). Peter himself was a keen golfer although very relaxed in it’s approach, every Thursday he participated in a round with his friends at Dancoon Golf Course, about 10 km outside Khon Kaen, he invited me along.

The morning of Thursday 11th January we proceeded to Dancoon Golf Club, it was a very cold morning, something I was not accustomed to here in Thailand, I even had to fork out £20 on buying myself a sweater (travelling lightly I had limited clothes). The approach to the clubhouse was something I was used too although a little less grand than the courses down in Chonburi, Bangkok or Rayong, but nevertheless a lovely clubhouse backed up by very comfortable changing rooms. I was introduced to my caddy by Peter who being a expat chose me an absolute cracker, this caddy was enough to put anybody off there golf, although extremely pretty she was to be one of the best caddies I had here in Thailand, only after a couple of holes I didn’t need to speak to her much she already had the correct club out for me just giving me the vital information of yardage and green slopes.

The beautifully comfortable changing rooms at Dancoon.


My playing partners Peter and Lawrence, I’ll tell you something this was to be the most relaxed round I had for a long time, Lawrence and old guy, full of laughs, a bit of a lad if you know what I mean, and as I had mentioned Peter very down to earth, relaxing and pretty much a lovely bloke. The beers did flow, as you can imagine there was no competitive edge whatsoever only on the par 3’s where we agreed to bet a few baht and the winner had to give it to the caddy which I thought was a lovely gesture to these 3 lovely caddies.

Right enough of talking about my experiences of being introduced to some great people and lets talk about this course, and before I make it sound like the best course ever, it wasn’t a touch on the beautifully crafted courses in the more touristic areas, but value for money this was right up my street, a great local course the greens very slow but having work done which was nice to see, and if I was to settle as an expat in this area then I would be extremely happy to pay the prices to play Dancoon regularly.

The opening hole was quite a simple par 4, teeing off over water was know to become the norm and with a good drive you would be left with a simple chip onto the green, not a frightening opening hole to say the least, in fact the course is very different to what I was used to here, if you sprayed the drive a bit and didn’t land in water you almost definitely would be in a safe hitting position, there was very little tree life on this course. The par 5 3rd was the next notable hole worth mentioning almost having two dogleg rights in it, very testing for a short hitter but was right up my street birdie first time round, I knew I was going to enjoy this place. The holes were quite simplistic up to the 7th where you then come across your signature Thailand par 3, a nice 145 from the whites but from the blues a more difficult 170 with water all the way up to the front of the green with bunkers all the way down the right of the green, so you can get carried away with the quite simple first 6 but then the course comes to life, The 8th a beautiful long straight par 4 with well positioned bunkers and then the par 5 9th is an absolute belter, its long, if you hit a good drive you still have to lay up short because only Dustin Johnson could carry the water in front of the green in two, once you got round the dogleg left you were introduced to the wonderful sight of the slightly raised green behind a the water that carried through from the opening tee shot and would maintain its flow through to the 18th green and behind the 9th and 18th greens was the sight of the lovely restaurant and hotel.

The early morning mist looking out on the course from the restaurant.


The opening hole at Dancoon a fairly straight forward par 4, then where the course starts to get really interesting with the par 3 7th.


The back 9 is a completely different challenge to the front 9, its more of an exciting longer challenge than that of the front, more suitable for you big hitters. It starts with a lovely par 4 over water, dog legs to the left but if you were greedy enough to cut some of the water out you were left with a chip albeit a difficult chip onto a raised green, then came the what I would call the signature par 3 with the island green and lovely scenery around the big lake, as I mentioned Dancoon is in comparison to the touristic courses very flat and has very little tree life and its on this par 3 where you realise this with the lake and the surrounding flat banks almost make it look a little like a dessert course with water obviously. Following this par 3 is a long hard par 5 with a suitably placed tree to catch you out on that second shot, with an approach shot onto a raised green and if the flag is at the back don’t be going long as it falls away at the back. The finish to Dancoon is quite difficult with long par 4’s on the 14th, 15th and 16th then again although similar to its approach the slightly shorter par 5 is the perfect ending to what a lot of people would call quite an easy course, very relaxing, easy to walk although with its limited tree life I could imagine in the hotter months here this course could boil you up a little bit.

A pano of the 11th par 3 you can see the small amount of tree life compared to that of  the other courses I’ve played in Thailand. The 18th approach with the hotel in the background. The lovely 17th par 3 and the approach to the very difficult 15th par 4.


Sri Thani Golf Forest, Udon Thani, Thailand.

So eventually after the awful experience of Victory Park I had managed to badger myself a game in Udon Thani province north east Thailand. Fortunately through the powers of Facebook I managed to get hold of a lovely chap called Gary Parks who arranged for someone to bring me some golf clubs. I got the taxi drive from my hotel to the golf course it took about 25minutes from the centre of Udon and it was a lovely drive around big lakes and proper Thai villages I immediately knew this was going to be a different experience to all the others I had. After being awake all night with what I might call Udon Thani Tom Tits (the sh*ts) and trouble with knowing if my stomach was ready to explode at any minute and on top of using a new set of golf clubs, and a seemingly nosey old chap from Birmingham constantly telling me where I was going wrong this was to be the biggest mental test in golf I had thrown myself into, but I was adamant I was gonna enjoy being in this rural setting. If you get the gist my golfing performance was horrific so let’s talk about the experience of the course.

Firstly you drive down the driveway to what can be described as a few wooden shacks and some scruffy looking caddies about  (this place doesn’t need caddies). The shop wasn’t open so Gary and the lads said it was ok to play and pay after so we continued ahead. The first tee was split by water and you couldn’t differentiate the fairway from the rough saying that you couldn’t differentiate the fairway from the rough over the whole course and with a good drive you’d only have a small wedge in to the greens that were very slow. Now from what I was used to playing here in Thailand I was bit underwhelming but I was going to enjoy the company of Scotty and Ari who were perfect playing partners especially when I couldn’t find the swing and I had to try and erase the other guy out of my head I’m not even gonna mention his name. My highlights from the course were the 4th par 4 that had a nice little dogleg on it and the par 5 6th that was the most difficult par 5 I had seen, it was long, it had a dog leg and if you were over the green by the smallest of margins your ball was gone into the water. My ball pitched on the green took the most horrific bounce never to be seen again, and with the fairways being as long as the rough you couldn’t really chip and run into any of these greens. Then I got to the 9th and realised it was only a 9 hole golf course so we played 9 twice. I can’t complain too much about this course with a green fee of just over a fiver and if I was living in this area I would certainly play it again for practicing purposes, but I would be damned paying for a caddy that did nothing. If you are in the area and you want a cheap round of golf then by no means go here, but like me if your looking for something more overwhelming then leave this one alone. I would like to mention though the wonderful Gary Parks who organised for me to join his wonderful group of men (apart from one) for a nice Monday morning sociable round, he is a true gent and I hope to see him in the future for a round.

The par 3 3rd. Tough par 3 especially from the blues, didn’t see any of the usual lads perform well on this.


The opening hole, If it wasn’t for the green you wouldn’t know it was a golf course.


Don’t be long into this green there is a lake the other side that beautiful looking tree makes it look like you have more room that you actually have. IMG_4404


Royal Golf and Country Club, Lat Krabang, Bangkok, Thailand.

Where do I start with this one? Well the travelling to Lat Krabang started at precisely 4.50pm after work on Friday a day before the round. This round came unexpected in body but long overdue in mind, I was desperate to play again, it had been a couple of weeks and anyone with the same passion knows this hobby grabs hold of you. Firstly I’ll explain my travel commitments to acheive the goal of playing this course. The Londoners had set up a Ryder Cup style game and Ray had agreed that I could join in so I was desperate for a social crack here. The match was in Lat Krabang, I was in Nakhon Pathom, not too far in terms of kilometers but it started with over a 2.5 hour mini van journey and I had to pay for two seats because of all the gear I was carrying to Mo Chit, Bangkok. From Mo Chit bus terminal to Mo Chit BTS was another 20 minutes on a motorbike taxi which was hell through Bangkok on a Friday evening with a set of clubs on your back and a backpack on your front. Then a packed BTS from Mo Chit to Phaya Thai, people did not look happy with me taking up space with the Pings overflowing and my over-protectiveness towards them. Then the airport rail link from Phaya Thai to Lat Krabang on an even busier train, not feeling as guilty with the amount of luggage I had as this was the airport link and a lot of people had luggage. The last leg of the journey was a 20 minute taxi drive from the airport link to my hotel for the night, a journey totalling 4 hours. Where else in the world would I be as desperate to put myself through that for a round of golf? Only here!

The following morning I made the short journey to Royal Golf and Country Club and by gosh the nightmare of the journey had already been forgotten. The clubhouse was lovely just not quite as majestic as Royal Lakeside, but the water features and scenery that looked upon this great mansion that split the 9th and 18th fairways were unreal.


My fourball was great all 4 of us were unqualified to play in the Ryder Cup game so we just tagged along and had a really nice sociable round. Two Americans, Val and Paul, and an Aussie guy called Phil a great bunch I particularly got on well with Val and will probably meet him for a beer in the future. Right, enough of brown nosing and lets talk about the best course I’ve currently played in Thailand. Every hole was a test, almost perfect for a professional player to test thereself on, we started on the 10th and what a start it was, a particularly testing par 4 with water all the way down the right (glad I sorted the slice out) and bunkers all the way down the left, it was a slight dog leg to an inviting beautiful yet quick green, the only downside is the greens didn’t seem to be smooth they seemed rough but we were late on the course so it could have been foot traffic.


The beautiful 10th with the water down the right and the bunkers to the left a beautiful but testing start for us.


The course just had this lovely continual feeling about it, I walked this course with ease and it was very relaxing. From the 10th came for me the easiest hole on the course a short par 5 and with open fairways and no doglegs it was a given par for the average golfer probably the most anti climatic hole on the course to be honest. The back nine had two of the best par 3’s I have ever played, the typical yet beautiful greens surrounded by water 13th and 17th the 13th in particularly was good looking and actually with a 150 yard shot in quite a formality for an amateur but the 17th was a different matter a 200 plus yard shot in made it particularly difficult. The 18th typified an extraordinary best back nine holes of a golf course I have played up to date. You tee off looking at the beautiful clubhouse along side the mansion that has been built to the left with water following you down the fairway like many holes on this course, the lush grass and many different species of tree make it a finale to remember.

Par 3 13th particular easy yet nevertheless beautiful.


The extremely beautiful and tough 200+ yard par 3 with bunkers around the green and a particular fierce left to right roll on the quick green.IMG_4359


The front 9 had a lot to live up to and it did particularly well but didn’t quite match up to the layout and beauty of the back 9 although I was still in my heaven. The 1st a particularly stunning hole with the shadow of the mansion looming down a slight dog left left with water down the left in front of the mansion, a particular testing tight fairway but again slightly raised and inviting green. Then came the ever impressive par 3’s on this course, I want a par 3 course with just the par 3’s of this course to be on it and I’d give up playing golf and just mess about on these amazing par 3’s. The 3rd similar to the 13th about 150 yards with surrounding waters and bunkers and the 7th yet again similar to the 17th when it comes to difficulty around 200 yards with a whole heap of bunkers to negotiate along side a beautiful lake down the left, that shouldn’t come into play to be far. For me the best hole on the front 9 was the par 5 5th, that had a mass of water down the left that gave you a little teaser of a tee shot for you to decide how much of it to cut out, if you went big you could potentially hit the green in two but it was a safe bet to be a little conservative. the front 9 finishes with a lovely par 4 with a teaser of a lake to the left, bunkers down the right and a tree in the middle to aim for, opening up to a lovely green that sits nicely with the clubhouse shadow spreading over it. What a great course probably my favourite although I don’t want to start picking favourite’s and the company was great. I must visit here again in the near future, yet I don’t know my next destination yet although Hua Hin is on the agenda. I also must apologise for not being able to match my photo’s with description’s as a golf addict once I’m on the course I’m completely thinking about golf only, the pictures are really an after thought. I know I must work on this.

The 17th green looked lovely as the sun went down,  the rather beautiful but daunting 6th tee shot with water either side, the particularly gorgeous par 3 3rd and a rare one of me putting on the first!

Evergreen Hills, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Well what a nice surprise this was. I had been in Nakhon Pathom for 6-7 weeks and with the only outlet of a small but delightfully quirky 9 hole course and driving range at the university near me, golf had become a bit sparse, and being a golf addict this was hurting. I openly talked about my hobby at my workplace in the hope that I would find someone else with the same interests then luckily one of the ladies I was working with told me that her son was a keen golfer and agreed to take us both to a quiet but delightful course about 70km away in the beautiful province of Kanchanaburi.

We began our journey early on Saturday morning and with the knowledge of knowing it was only 70 km away made me feel it would only be an hours drive, no this is Thailand and the roads got worse and the scenery got better, but the 2.5 hours drive was becoming a drag and my excitement was boiling over. Finally we reached the gates of Evergreen Hills and there was the obligatory 2 mile drive down the driveway to a smaller less impressive clubhouse that I was used to in the more touristic areas. I knew this was gonna be different when all the caddies were chuckling and I could her the quiet words of “ferlang, ferlang” which means westerner or white man, in our country this would be deemed a racist term but as I’m no way near the crazy politically correct way some of us westerners have become nowadays I take is as a compliment, I also took it as they don’t see many westerners here. Me and Snooker (that is his real name) got ready had a little hit on the range and decided to get going. Snooker was adamant at getting a buggy as he was a bit of a wet lettuce, so we enjoyed the game with a ride too.

The start of the course almost reminded me of parkland course’s back home with some very old trees and the grass was almost lush, I got the feeling they experienced more rainfall here in the hills of Kanchanaburi, so already I felt a little at home and the weather only topped 25c so it was just like a good summers day at Six Hills.


The opening hole of Evergreen Hills with me wondering where to aim as usual. A beautiful yet fairly simple par 5.IMG_4273

It continued to be a lovely course with great ebb and flow, never too far between green and tee, the front 9 was of fairly simplistic design but it was just what you want from a golf course, I like a course that seemed to have an age of maturity and had not been messed with too much. The par 4 6th was a beautiful par 4 with an inviting fairway and one of those hits into the green where you took the water on and the par 5 seventh was narrow and like most of the par 5’s here very normal, very straight but scenically lovely.

It wasn’t until we ventured to the back 9 where we had some lovely man made adjustments mostly very minor, but there were more doglegs notably the 12th that you tee’d off over water and approached the green to the right which was doable in 2 unless you only just make you tee shot over the water like myself. followed by your usual dogleg right par 4 13th that was only just exceeding 300 yards but we are amateurs right it’s nice to have these short par 4’s. But then we came to the 16th and the most major of man made touches but by gosh weren’t they lovely, so you walked over a bridge to the tee box that had a beautiful fountain in the lake that almost catches you to the beautifully crafted island green that you also had to walk over the bridge to get to and the scenery behind the green is to die for. It almost finishes with a bang as you approach the 17th it dog legs to the left wit a whole load of water in front of the green so you have to downsize from the driver push a ball 18-220 yards onto a fairway that sits above you to a little wedge onto the green.

This course for me was great and if I am in the area again I will play it, it reminded me of being home, it was a little bit boring in terms of course layout but it was untouched and I liked it, and to not see another western person here was actually a nice break from the norm.


Royal Lakeside, Chachoengsao, Thailand.

Luckily enough I had time to squeeze one more round in before I go to Nakhon Pathom and try to immerse myself in the real Thailand and living like the Thai people. As we were postponed for a few days travelling this may have been the luckiest break I had because Royal Lakeside for me was the best course I had played so far in Thailand. Once again the true gentleman Ray Bloom from The Londoners Golf Society had agreed to give me a lift to the course, and it seemed to be quite a short journey from the Bang Na side of Bangkok probably only 30 minutes. As we arrived at Royal lakeside I was greeted to what might be the most impressive looking clubhouse yet, and this being Thailand things are a bit OTT when it comes to impressive clubhouses but my gosh it was lovely.

My camera skills and my phone are shocking but you get my gist with these two pictures regarding the clubhouse.

The course matched up to the clubhouse, although some wouldn’t agree but as I am the one blogging I will be the judge. The fairways were immaculate, the only issue I have with golf in general in Thailand is they make the greens super fast but the fairways into the greens are slow, basically you can’t chip and run into the greens.

The game itself was highly intense, something I don’t particularly enjoy. I was playing with Ray, an Englishman called Richard and an American called Patrick. Ray and Richard were playing in a match-play that was to see who the winner of the match-play competition for the calendar year of 2017 at The Londoners was. You could cut the air with a knife, you could feel every mood swing, this is not an atmosphere I enjoy much but it kind of made me and Patrick quite competitive as we had the same handicap, it was almost like there were 2 match’s going on.

Anyway the forced competitiveness didn’t get in the way of me enjoying this beautiful arena. It started with an immaculate but fairly simple par 5, with a big fairway to hit and realistically if you are on your game you can be up and around the green in 2. The greens here were not as quick as Bangkok Golf Club, just how I like them being an Englishman. The course was lovely, the beautifully mowed fairways and the addition of probably the best weather I’ve had in terms of heat, as it wasn’t too hot made this course look and feel even better. the beautiful dog-leg right fourth par 4 was like a picture out of a golf magazine, beautifully sat palm trees, with beautifully placed bunkers on the dog leg opening up to a wonderful looking and inviting green and the to top a great front nine you are blessed with a tough par 4 9th with water hazards both sides (I didn’t know there was a water hazard to the left until I walked over the mound to find a big lake that the caddy didn’t mention). The tee off from the 9th is one of the better views of the absolutely amazing clubhouse here, very inspiring for a round of golf.

The view from the 9th tee box and the beautifully crafted 4th pr 4.

The back 9 didn’t disappoint either starting with a simply delightful par 5 10th following the water all the way down the left and the 11th par 4 continues to follow the water with an epic looking beach effect bunker all the way along the river. The par 3 12th has that much sand it makes you feel like that your playing in a desert for another added difference to the course and to make it a fairly difficult par 3. But my favourite hole had to be the 14th, it was a very simple par 4 but looked amazing, with a good 200 yard t shot left you a nice wedge into the island looking green, and as we don’t get many in England I do love these island greens here in Thailand.


The par 3 12th, and the par 4 14th green.

To conclude I don’t want to put this as number 1 because I enjoyed my time at Phoenix more but mainly due to my playing group, the added competitiveness did hamper the mood here but as per course layout and beauty this has to be number 1. I will go back here and hopefully get to play in a less serious situation. If you were wondering I beat Patrick by 1 shot but as I wasn’t a paid member of The Londoners it didn’t go down recognised and as would have one the whole day, not that I have a little bit of a competitive streak in me.

Bangkok Golf Club, Pattum Thani, Thailand

So my adventures in Chon buri/Rayong were over for now and what a great 18 days I had. All a man of my addiction to golf could dream of, great playing partners (well 99% of them), great courses (also 99% of them), great weather most of the time and this was supposed to be the wet season and great beer. The haven had done me proud again at making the golf courses around that particular area so accessible with the least amount of hassle, and also a new friend in Colin who had also made my round with his group so enjoyable. Next was the prospect of meeting up with some guys from a club called the Londoners in Bangkok. I’d previously e-mailed Ray Bloom the captain after I found his very professional outfit on Facebook, oh the wonders of social media. I’d arranged to meet him at his condo in Udom Suk, luckily my hotel was only a couple of kilometers away so it was kind of easy, and the very kind gentleman took me in his own car to Bangkok Golf Club, around a 45 minute drive from Udom Suk.

Bangkok Golf Club looked like a scene from the Beirut of the past as we drove down the entrance road. To the right was an horrific looking building that was apparently being renovated into a new modern hotel but for know it didn’t look at all inviting. The clubhouse albeit was in good order, it was beautifully constructed and we went through the routine of sorting our gear out, having a lovely cup of coffee and proceeding onto the apparent fast putting green, but as this place had seen a fair bit of rain lately they had slowed up a little.

As we tee’d off I was joined by the club captain Ray, and two other great blokes, Stuart I can only describe as this full of life, full of stories gentleman from South Africa and a more kind of gentlemanly quiet Englishman called Barry, but yet again couldn’t have asked for more in terms of playing pals.

The first tee was a hit over water but what wasn’t apparent to me is this was usually not a hit over water and it had just flooded severely, the fairway doglegged round to the right for a fairly straight forward par 4. Now from being involved in some beautifully scenic courses in and around Pattaya I knew from the drive this was going to be your bog standard inner city course and it was just like that. I was never inspired at all by any amount of beauty on this course even the fairways looked quite drab, I was only ever inspired by my playing partners who were a wonderful bunch. In all honesty the front 9 past me by without having any breathtaking holes in my head, In all honesty I didn’t even feel the need to take a photo until the par 3 island green and in again all honesty I can’t remember what hole it was. The back 9 was the better of the two halves and the par 4 13th was the highlight of the course, but I have to say if I don’t play this course again I wouldn’t be too bothered. Like all golf addicts, I was loving the fact I was playing nice sociable golf in the warm weather of Thailand so nevertheless the feeling was of happiness.

A pano of the view from the clubhouse, a rare one of me on the 13th and the island green (can’t remember what hole). All in all a very uninspiring course.